What We Offer

Leadership is about what your team is capable of, along with how you lead. Communicating effectively gets the job done better and faster. We help companies power up every dimension of their communication to make it a source of competitive advantage.

Transform how you communicate, improve how you lead

Echelon is your ideal partner when you want to:


  • Facilitate C-suite meetings
  • Power-up executive communication
  • Roll-out strategy
  • Forge tight teams
  • Inspire employees
  • Launch programs / products
  • Design enterprise communication
  • Generate powerful messaging
  • Drive values into culture
  • Extend executive influence
  • Cultivate leadership skills
  • Foster innovation
  • Create thought leaders

Effective communication is a skill; it can be learned.

All great communicators were NOT born that way. Charismatic leadership is fantastic, but it’s not the only way to lead. And it’s definitely not the only way to have impact. We start with your strengths and build on your natural style. We don’t try to turn executives and entrepreneurs into actors reading from a script.

We know how to activate the best leader in you… so others want to follow.

Echelon grounds its proven programs in neuroscience, shaped by extensive experience and road-tested globally. We give you the tools you need to transform your communication and improve how you lead.

Echelon programs grow individual leaders, build tight teams and align the organization to deliver on the strategy.

At a glance

Speak Like You Mean It™

  • Speaker Coaching (Individual or Team)
  • Communication Coaching (Individual or Team)
  • Immersion Workshops and Labs
  • Special Events

Speak Like You Mean It™

Speak Like You Mean It

Hone your ability to communicate with power and presence.

Speak Like You Mean It™ is Echelon’s proven communication training program developed over the course of two decades working with executives, entrepreneurs and their teams. We build communication and presentation skills while growing them as leaders. Echelon provides a methodology for individual skill building – you learn the elements of and techniques for effective communication. You also get individual practice and feedback.

Bring to life physical and vocal energy

Speak Like You Mean It™ can transform the communication of individuals or accomplish the objectives of a group or team.

Speak Like You Mean It™ gives you the confidence you need and the skills you require to engage, influence, and inspire others.

For details, see also speaklikeyoumeanit.com


At a glance


  • Speak Like You Mean It™ I and II
  • Say It Session™
  • Foundations of Leadership Communication
  • Vision & Strategy Communication
  • Voice of the Executive Leader


  • SpeakLab™
  • Storytelling for Executives
  • Building Your Message Map
  • Leader Listening
  • Giving Authentic Feedback
  • Boot Camp: Brainstorming for Better Results, Faster
  • The Purpose Workshop™
  • Leaders As Coaches: Tools and Techniques

Effective communication is a powerful leadership skill. Let’s build yours.

TrainingEchelon’s development experiences are designed for business leaders who want to strengthen their communication skills and solve specific business challenges.

Echelon’s certified facilitators use assessments to foster insights and help you set goals. Participants leave with a work product – as well as a new skill set – to use immediately.

Echelon can deliver workshops and labs on site or virtually to connect teams distributed across the globe. Workshops range from 1 to 3 days; labs range from 2 to 5 hours.

Echelon is glad to work with Human Resources, Learning, and Talent Development professionals to find the right fit with your company’s learning and development curriculum for high-potential executives.

Some Training is offered to individuals through open enrollment. Please visit our Home Page to learn more about upcoming events.

Workshops allow participants to solve current challenges, acquire new skills, discover insights and develop lasting capabilities. More about Workshops

Speak Like You Mean It™ I and II – Communicating with Power and Presence

Focus: Find your leader voice, power up your message, hone your delivery
Participants: Individuals and teams / seasoned executives, entrepreneurs, emerging leaders
Length: Offered in 1-day (executive overview) and 2-day formats
Offered: Client sites/off-sites; open enrollment in Atlanta, by invitation

This dynamic overview course helps you develop content, gain confidence, and power up your ability to have impact on any audience. Using Echelon’s proven Speak Like You Mean It™ framework, you’ll learn the six components leaders need to communicate effectively. It’s the perfect incubator to try new techniques. You’ll get and give authentic feedback, learn from your peers and be coached by professionals.

Our immersive, hands-on approach cycles fast to build skills you can use immediately. Content includes:

  • Keys to Power and Presence
  • Relevance, Call to Action and Messaging
  • Persuasive storytelling
  • Repeatable processes for quickly organizing any talk
  • Proprietary frameworks to sustain learning
  • Physical and vocal energy
  • Proven methods to bring your content to life
  • More about Speak Like You Mean It™ I and II

You can use the workshop to build skills or work on an upcoming talk. Throughout the process, you’ll deliver several short talks and be videotaped. You’ll enhance your ability to be authentic, be clear, influence and inspire.

Objectives include:

  • Bolster the skills effective leaders must have
  • Hone your message and improve your delivery
  • Sharpen a specific talk so you can deliver it when you leave
  • Gain instant feedback from professional facilitators and peers to make changes on the spot
  • Learn how to activate both sides of the brain for lasting impact
  • Build confidence
  • Energize your audience with your passion, your credibility and your content

Say It Session™ – Private Coaching delivered as a Workshop

Focus: Private coaching for speakers/presenters
Participants: CEOs, Executives, entrepreneurs / Individuals prepping for an upcoming talk or series of appearances / Seasoned speakers who want to ramp up to a new level
Length: Sessions from 45 minutes to half-day package
Offered: In person and virtually

Our private coaching is customized to the individual or group to strengthen messaging and nail delivery on a talk you will give within the next business quarter.

The goal is to power up the message, elevate delivery, and drive maximum impact.

Note: Private Speaker coaching can also be given as a Workshop or Working Session – a group experience for individuals who are all working on a specific talk/presentation, for sake of unified messaging and team building. It differs from the SpeakLab™ experience, which explores the entire Speak Like You Mean It™ model, component by component. The program described here would be customized for the client.

Foundations of Leadership Communication

Focus: The Leader Within and Positioning for the Marketplace; focus is on self and/or growth of your business
Participants: Individually and teams / Emerging executives, entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs.
Length: 2 days, OR three consecutive 5-hour days, OR five weekly 2.5-hour sessions
Offered: Client sites/off-sites

Develop the complete toolkit you need to convey who you are and what you’re up to professionally with team members, business partners and customers. Get real about attracting others and building a following by sharing your purpose and passion in traditional and non-traditional networking environments.

Learn basic influencing skills to generate productive exchanges with others. Content includes:

  • Leadership Strengths: What makes you effective and where your blind spots are
  • Communication Styles: How you come across and what others need from you
  • Unique Value and Why You Need Crystal Clear Differentiators
  • The Power of Purpose to Attract, Engage and Align
  • The Elevator Exchange and The Secret of Reciprocity
  • More about Foundations of Leadership Communication

In this survey course, you’ll enter an environment of personal growth and professional development. Working in small and large groups, you’ll create and road-test the material you need now!


  • Build your leadership presence
  • Identify your communication style
  • Define key elements of authentic leadership – Your Core Purpose, Unique Value and Vision
  • Evaluate your impact on others who matter
  • Power up your “elevator speech” and get ready to build your network – fast
  • Identify obstacles and draft a plan of action.

Foundations of Leadership is about moving forward, stepping up performance, and personal growth!

Vision & Strategy Communication

Focus: Create compelling company statements that align and inspire across the organization; practice delivery
Participants: Individuals and teams / CEOs, senior executives, entrepreneurs
Length: Each session is 5 hours, taken as separate modules or as a continuum
Offered: Client sites/off-sites

This series offers senior leaders and their teams a dynamic way to define their mission/vision/strategy and practice communicating them with power and presence.

The Vision & Strategy Communication program will help you and your team answer three critical questions asked by your staff and employees:

  • Where are we going? (Destination)
  • Why does this matter? (Purpose)
  • How will we get there? (Strategy)

The program focuses on leaders practicing how they will deliver the material/messages they produce. Participants create a game plan for engaging others as a means to improve employee engagement and deliver results.

These immersion workshops are often conducted as a “corporate health check”, or may be spurred by a significant event, such as restructuring or acquisition.

Conducted in four steps, these sessions can be taken as a series/continuum, or as individual workshops.

  1. The Purpose Workshop™
  2. Destination: Articulating a Compelling Vision for the Future
  3. Strategy: Communicating to Align and Engage
  4. Execution: Driving Results

More about Vision & Strategy Communication

Sessions are lead by seasoned facilitators who avoid pitfalls such as groupthink creation of slogans that sound like marketing. At Echelon, this work is what creates the outcome. Using our co-creation process, participants come up with statements that truly fit your company’s culture, personality, and business objectives.

The goal: To cast a vision of the future to which all can connect as a way to provide direction, drive alignment, and inspire best performance. Some of the objectives include:

  • Significant conversations: Who we are as an organization, why we exist and what we’ll commit to accomplishing
  • Awareness of shared values and diverse perspectives
  • Clarity on vision and mission, with strategies to achieve them
  • A unified leadership team, committed to delivering on its statements
  • Powerful key messages shared by everyone so they gain traction in the organization and become a touchstone for day-to-day decisions

Voice of the Executive Leader

Focus: Communicating effectively to improve organizational engagement
Participants: Individuals and teams / CEOs, senior executives, entrepreneurs, emerging leaders
Length: Two sessions 5 hours each, or 1 full day
Offered: Client sites/off-sites

For executives and entrepreneurs leading organizations that want to build communications skills generally, or address specific business challenges. These might include:

  • Introduce a new initiative or strategy
  • Announce a re-organization
  • Articulate a compelling vision for the future
  • Establish/Redefine the culture
  • Ignite purpose and passion
  • Drive alignment and influence behaviors
  • Engage your team or the organization as a whole.

You’ll enhance your ability to connect with key stakeholders, motivate teams, and influence behavior. When you leave, you’ll have a talk you can use immediately

Labs focus on deeper dive into a single topic. Echelon is available to design custom labs by request. More about Labs

Following an Echelon workshop or facilitated meeting, participants may attend Labs to update, explore or practice new skills. They can also use Labs to develop a specific speech, talk or written content for an upcoming event.

Labs typically run 1-2 hours and are provided to a single team, members of one organization across many teams, and through Echelon open enrollment to senior leaders from a variety of organizations.

Highlighted Lab: SpeakLab™

Focus: Speak Like You Mean It™ in bite-sized modules
Participants: Two tracks: Seasoned executives and entrepreneurs; managers and emerging leaders
Length: Six 2-hour modules held weekly or bi-monthly
Offered: Client sites/off-sites; open enrollment in Atlanta, by invitation

These labs have the same content as Speak Like You Mean It, but in a different format. Hands-on, intensive practice to build skills you can use immediately.

  • Power up skills needed to communicate effectively
  • Sharpen a specific talk that you are working on
  • Gain instant feedback from professional facilitators and peers
  • Hone your message and improve your delivery
  • Energize your audience with your passion.

Group Facilitation

Echelon is a master facilitator of strategically important meetings.

Group FacilitationEchelonCommunicate facilitators help leadership teams solve challenges and generate buy-in through a co-creation process. Group facilitations are fast-paced and incorporate a variety of innovative techniques. We customize our approach to address your specific needs and situations, from Vision and Mission development, to Board meetings, to extended off-site senior leader meetings.


At a glance

Group Facilitation

  • Strategic meetings of Senior Leaders
  • Board meetings
  • Echelon Mastermind groups
  • Mentoring programs

Echelon can help you:

  • Overcome vision gaps
  • Define strategies and develop message champions
  • Incubate, ideate and problem solve to meet specific needs
  • Facilitate decision-making and build consensus
  • Improve team communication and boost performance

More about Group Facilitation

Echelon is your experienced facilitation partner. We can help you bring together leaders to:

  • Host a product/initiative launch
  • Kick off a merger
  • Make key decisions
  • Refresh a strategic plan

We can also help you tap the insights and talents of your Board to spur action, as well as make them true ambassadors for your organization.

We take on the role you need – front of the room, breakout leaders, or back of the room “coaching” of your own personnel to lead the session. We also work behind the scenes with your hospitality, communications, and meeting planning professionals. Our job is to draw out mission critical material, sustain a high level of engagement among participants, and keep the group on track.

Executive Coaching

  • Who do you want to be as a leader?
  • What impact will you have?
  • What’s holding you back?

Amp up your leadership and “be all you can be”

Executive CoachingEchelon executive coaches grow you as a leader, so you can reach a level of performance you may not have known was possible.

At a glance

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Relational Communication
  • Meaningful Work and Career Development
  • Work/Life Balance and Choice
  • Presentation Coaching On-Demand

We help you identify specific goals to frame an action plan for success and guide you through a series of proprietary processes tailored for you.

Activate your potential. Increase your power and presence. Enjoy a more fulfilling life. Get the results and achieve the transformation you seek.

More about Executive Coaching

When leaders love what they do, both the marketplace and the organization know it. The rewards flow – in the form of performance, opportunity, compensation, and fulfillment. Echelon Coaching grows you.

We work with you to build muscles for the terrain you’re traversing and get you ready for the demands of the future. You’ll learn to make better decisions and stretch into areas that aren’t your natural strengths.

It’s about performing and delivering results in a way that honors what matters most, and brings out the best in you and others.

Echelon’s work is grounded in the principles of Co-Active Coaching™

Video for Influencers

Video for InfluencersWe know how to make you look good

Are you a thought leader, business owner, or executive with a point-of-view? Our award-winning producers create compelling video clips that position you as an influencer and optimize search engine results.

In today’s social media environment, video is a great way to get your message out and build your following.

We know how to capture you at your best and bring your content to life. We will never try to turn you into an actor! It’s our job to make you memorable.

Coming Soon: Highlights of Videos for Influencers


Echelon collaborates with a variety of service providers to extend our ability to serve clients. These Business Partners provide technical support – such as helping us facilitate virtual meetings across several global locations – as well as providing expertise that complements Echelon’s own expertise naturally. We are always interested in building relationships with others who seek to activate the potential of senior leaders.

  • Jubi
  • One Page Solutions
  • Mountain View
  • Performance Inspired


In all that we do, Echelon integrates the latest research on neuroscience, decades of work with a variety of operating cultures at eminent companies, and Echelon’s signature, adaptive style of meeting clients “where they are” on their leadership journeys. The focus is on activating full potential and strengthening performance. The final goal? Transformational growth and personal and professional fulfillment.

At Echelon, assessments are selected carefully to give both the coach and client the most relevant insights. One powerful tool is The Leadership CircleTM 360, which measures specific competencies, liabilities, and the inner assumptions that drive a leader’s behavior.   Our team includes professionals certified in a range of globally recognized, robust assessment tools.

  • The Leadership Circle
  • MBTI
  • Herrmann International
  • Foursight


Echelon participates in a variety of eminent organizations leading research and application of the best ideas for leadership development and strategy communication. Our Echelon team members serve as speakers and facilitators at events hosted by these eminent organizations, and remain active as certified providers of their proven methodologies.

  • Creative Education Foundation
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
  • National Speaker Association
  • International Coach Federation