Echelon Pitch/Present™

A LeaderLab that provides hands-on learning as we provide authentic feedback to Speakers in action

LeaderLab: Echelon Pitch/PresentTM

Apply to Be a Speaker at an Echelon Pitch/PresentTM Event

Preparing for a presentation to your Board or delivering a keynote? 

Getting ready to pitch to investors or donors?

Updating your sales talk so you can launch a new product or service to customers?

Giving a talk to a community group to generate support for your cause?


Why not use Echelon Pitch/PresentTM for real-life practice in a supportive environment?


Echelon Pitch / PresentTM, which some of our clients call “Shark Tank for Speakers,” gives Speakers like you a unique chance to hone an important talk of 5-7 minutes.  Audience members collaborate to provide actionable feedback so Speakers leave with specific things they can to do boost the power of their communication.  We hold Echelon Pitch/PresentTM 4-8 times per year, currently at metro Atlanta locations. 


As a Speaker, you'll receive:

The gift of authentic feedback from a real-life audience of 25-50 executives and entrepreneurs like you. You'll walk away with verbal and written feedback, immediately usable tips, and the energy to optimize your talk

Personalized attention from Echelon's veteran Communication Coaches and a Guest Coach.  As you prepare for Pitch/PresentTM, you receive an individual coaching session and a group coaching session, at no charge

The chance to meet other senior leaders, who'll applaud you for giving them the chance to learn right along with you

Periodic invitations to Echelon's invitation-only events such as SpeakLabTM and Audience DayTM.


Apply today! Space is limited! 


Echelon will follow up with you to offer you a date and location for your turn as a Speaker, as slots become available.  If you're not chosen for our very next Echelon Pitch/PresentTM, we'll be glad to add you to our Speaker Waiting List.
Apply here to be a Speaker at Echelon Pitch/PresentTM: