Leaders as Coaches Aug. 21 SHRM 2018 Symposium (Atlanta)

Email us at info@echeloncommunicate.com if you’d like to apply to be a Speaker and receive some free communication coaching from one of our veteran Coaches. (yes, we keep a Wait List!)

2 hours to add coaching + communication skills that power up how you lead

Transform your role from being a team manager to serving as a true team leader who influences.

Be the leader who helps your team understand the Strategy, takes your Point of View into account, and relishes its role in Execution and Problem-Solving because individuals know that you know “what’s in it for them”.

Learn skills for establishing an authentic, two-way exchange with your people, one in which you “want for them” as much as you “need from them.” Apply the basics of relational communications and how to connect to drive creativity, innovation, and productivity.

In this deep skill-building course, you’ll learn how to listen effectively, create a productive dialogue, create space for ideas and different thinking/communication styles, and serve as a guide for team interactions.

Leader as Coach is about communicating to help others do their best work, raising teams’ performance in ways that earn a Leader followers

Register here: https://www.shrmatlanta.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1074794&group=