Elevator Exchange Lab at IgniteHQ Marietta – Feb. 28 5:30-7:30PM




90 minutes to practice how you connect with others to get things done

Take 90 minutes to work on how you introduce yourself and your organization.  Learn fundamentals of connecting, engaging, and forging productive relationships.  Network with peers.

When you introduce yourself to a new business contact – someone who can give you the deal, investment, talent, or advise that you need to bring your vision to life – how do you come across?

So much is at stake!

Neuroscience tells us that you have 12 seconds, at most, to make a first impression. It also tells us that others want you to get to the point – what’s in it for them (not you) – and why your work matters, in 30 seconds or less. Give them a reason to connect, to listen further. Give them a reason to engage with you. To offer to help you.

EchelonCommunicate’s Elevator ExchangeTM Lab is designed to help you sort to what you need to say and how to come across clearly, authentically, indelibly.

Register to join us:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/echeloncommunicates-elevator-exchangetm-lab-tickets-41123002006