Resonant Communication – Kettering Atlanta Exec Network – Sept. 21

90 minutes to raise the power of your listening, questioning, facilitating so others align with you

Leaders who want to have an impact need to connect and engage their audiences. They have a big challenge, cutting through the noise of information overload as many navigate rapid change.

The best leaders understand it’s essential to prime an audience to receive important messages, often while laying a foundation for a longer term relationship. Communicating in ways that resonate – so your audience “gets” what you want, why it matters, and what’s in it for him/her – is a vital skill…one that can accelerate your results and help you stand out from the crowd.

Join us for a session to give you a taste of techniques you can use to help your audience
• Grasp your message
• Open up to having a two-way, collaborative relationship with you, and
• Feel compelled to commit their talents and resources to support your goal.

Leave with tips for connecting powerfully in ways that are memorable and energizing.

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