Unit of GE

Unit of a Global Fortune 50 Technology and Industrial Manufacturing Conglomerate

General Electric

Challenge: Connecting Employees to Business Strategy & Inspiring Best Work

Problem: An employee survey revealed that the majority of respondents could not explain or articulate this Company’s business strategy. Echelon was retained to help executives clarify mission, articulate goals, communicate strategy, and inspire best work.

Solution: Senior executives took part in a highly experiential series of Leadership Communication and Strategy Communication workshops and labs, partnering with Human Resources and Communication Leaders to develop clear, compelling messaging about the destination (vision) for the business and the strategies for getting there. Participants developed a common framework for communicating these strategies throughout the organization, incorporating insights about business processes, technology best practices, and lessons learned that drive success. This program was delivered on-site and in-person; in some cases, workshops were delivered virtually to support participation across the globe.

Impact: Senior (functional and front line) leaders honed their ability to co-create and share messaging through their individual, unique styles. Our client re-surveyed employees following this work, and recorded an 8% improvement in employee satisfaction and connectedness results