Strategy Communication Training & Video


Challenge: Sharing Critical Messages with Internal & External Audiences

Solution: Echelon’s team of experts in leadership communication, speech coaching, and video production worked with top-tier executives at The Coca-Cola Corporation to craft the “Coca-Cola Journal,” a filmed series of interviews that the company used to disseminate leadership’s perspectives across the organization. The series was designed to bridge a communication gap between leadership (at “headquarters”) and employees (“ the field”). Echelon content was re-purposed in a variety of formats to support corporate-wide strategic meetings and to satisfy public relations demands.

Impact: Coca-Cola senior executives:

  • Gained new insights and skills with respect to communicating in ways that engage, educate, and inspire;
  • Learned to tell stories that have a targeted and measurable impact, and
  • Improved their leadership skills and extended their ability to influence in ways that raised the bar for employee engagement and fostered authentic collaboration across the company.