Facilitation & Training

Powering Up Sales Effectiveness by Leveraging Communication to Connect with Customers

The Home Depot

Challenge: The Home Depot perceived that its staff of store greeters, who principally direct customers to products and services as customers enter the store, was not communicating with customers effectively. This was perceived to negatively affect the customer experience and in-store sales.

Solution: EchelonCommunicate was retained to conduct a consulting project. The work began with Echelon assessing the interaction between greeters and customers at the door of its new Manhattan store. Echelon then recommended a series of strategic and tactical improvements to promote productive interactions between these employees and customers, addressing both communication style and content. Echelon worked with regional executives to craft customized workshops and labs for these employees, a program entitled, “Do you have what it takes to make it in Manhattan?”

Impact: The program was piloted at The Home Depot’s first Manhattan store. It was subsequently rolled out nationwide.