The Echelon Way

Your voice may be the most important, distinctive tool you have to lead effectively.

When you speak, do people listen?

Do you have the credibility and connection to motivate and align?

Do your people’s actions reflect what matters most to your organization?

The Four Dimensions of Leadership Communication

Working with Echelon, you’ll develop in four communication dimensions that successful leaders must master:

Dimensions of leadership communication

Leader Self

Developing your leadership style while honing your “leader voice”. Choosing how you show up – cultivating your power and presence.

One to One

Forging personal connection, grounded in a shared vision for the future. Knowing how to foster constructive dialogue. Being clear and authentic.

One to a Few

Engaging others – grabbing their attention, leveraging diverse thinking styles, sparking creative problem-solving, fostering innovation and changes that stick. Empowering others, drawing out the leader in each.  Fostering collaboration in a true team/partnering setting.

One to Many

Aligning and inspiring others to move relentlessly toward the Destination (Mission & Vision), aligning everyone around the Strategy. Communicating in a way that resonates.

At Echelon, we transform how leaders communicate and lead, so organizations achieve results. We help you boost communication effectiveness so people listen, your credibility improves, you influence behavior, and employees support your strategy. Echelon integrates the practices of leadership development and strategic communication. Our multi-disciplinary approach draws on creative problem solving, expert facilitation and innovative training design.

Leadership and communication go together.

The truth is, leaders get things done through other people. The Harvard Business Review says leaders spend 80% of their time communicating with others. That’s why, as a leader, your communication is more important than ever to business success. Leadership communication is about both relationships and goals. Organizations need two things from leaders – a reason to believe and the path forward. Many studies show that leaders need to answer the following critical questions for their employees:

  • Where are we going?
  • Why do we want to go there?
  • How will we get there?

As a leader, you need a lot from communication – you’ve got to say the right things, at the right time, to mobilize your people and get things done. Successful leaders use powerful communication to connect people and keep them engaged. They:

  • Create the conditions for people to do their best work
  • Mine untapped potential in their teams
  • Connect everyone to a compelling purpose

The Echelon Advantage


Our difference

Echelon is uniquely qualified as the leader’s communication company, delivering:

  • Experiential learning + solid content. Our sessions are dynamic, interactive and content rich.
  • Proven techniques rooted in facts. We road-tested our proprietary content around the globe. Using fact-finding interviews and assessments, we give you the insights that make it easy to commit to change.
  • Solid integration of creative and strategic perspectives. We help you turn diverse ideas into measurable results.
  • Commitment to sustain the learning. Everything we provide is actionable, not theoretical.

Why Choose Echelon?

  • Fortune 50 Proven
  • Focused on Results
  • Resource Smart
  • Turn-Key or On-Demand
  • Off-the-Shelf or Custom Programs
  • Usable Work Products
  • Multi-Disciplinary, Strategic Partners