Melissa Gordon

President, EchelonCommunicate

Melissa Gordon is President of EchelonCommunicate, LLC. A recognized communication expert, award-winning media producer, and entrepreneur, she has worked with some of the world’s most successful organizations, including GE®, Coca-Cola®, Habitat for Humanity®, Emory University, IBM®, The Home Depot®, and CARE®.

Melissa’s unique understanding of audience, message, imagery, and language evolved early in her career as a media producer through thousands of interviews with business leaders about their challenges, successes, and passions. She also designed and attended hundreds of executive pitches. This “master class” in effective communication led her to two conclusions: 1) Powerful communication is the single most important success driver within an individual leader’s control, and 2) Organizations that value their people communicate early, frequently, and in a two-way, transparent conversation.

Melissa founded EchelonCommunicate, LLC in 2007 to help organizations and their leaders leverage the power of communication to connect individuals with one another and to drive business results. She is a featured speaker and facilitator for a variety of corporations, entrepreneurial ventures, foundations, and industry groups.